Clamps application

Clamps for various fields of applications

Power-Flex´s product range offers a wide range of Power-Clips® as well as Power-Clamps® that are being used by various industries within highly different sectors.


Our hose clamp, Power-Clamps® is mounted on countless different industrial hoses and connections. Our Power-Clamps® therefore helps various industries maintain a strong and continuous operation of systems and machines.

One of our fields of application is the agricultural sector where our Power-Clamps® is sure to be found on e.g. slurry tankers, drip hose booms, irrigation systems as well as several other machines and equipment in this sector.

Furthermore, Power-Clamps® is a strong and reliable component within various vechicles. Our Power-Clamps® is e.g. being used in busses, trucks and trains.

Our good and stable quality ensures that our hose clamp is a preferred and frequently used product in the offshore industry. Power-Flex therefore supplies hose clamps that are used in e.g. windmills, in the maritime environment as well as the fishing industry.

The specific Power-Clamps®, “LINEALS” and “Connectors”, is especially utilized in the production of expansion joints which are widely used in industrial applications.


This type of clamp is used by leading businesses which produce and install pipe systems for exhaust systems. Power-Clips® is being used to assemble and connect various pipe parts. Our clip is thus an important part of various types of systems that are used for the transportation of different types of material:

  • Woodworking (extraction and transportation of wood shavings)
  • Agriculture (transportation of grain)
  • Injection molding industry (transportation of plastic granulates)
  • Chemical industry (paper and pulp)

Our Power-Clips® is applicable for pipes with either a rolled or raised edge. As for pipes with a raised edge our Power-Clips® is primarily compatible for pipes with a thickness of 0.8 mm, but we also offer solutions for pipes with a thickness of 2.0 mm and 3.0 mm.