E/TSKOP Power-Clip®



E/TSKOP Power-Clip®

Two-part wide clamps with a rapid-lock handle and seal-insert to quick and easy assembly of industrial pipe systems and extraction systems. Used for transporting wood shavings, plastic granules and grain.

E/TSKOP Power-Clip® is designed for pipes with a material thickness of 0,8 mm. The clamp is two-parted and is from diamter Ø80-Ø400 mounted around the raised flange edge with a rapid-lock handle.

From diameter Ø450-Ø800 is the clamp mounted with 1 allen screw. The width of the clamp and the sealing of the clamp ensure a better strength and airtightness.

Band width 0 mm
Design V-Clamp
Construction One-piece and Spring
Mounting Bolt and nut
Item no
Nominal Ø
PCS. per. box