P-Coupling Power-clip®



P-Coupling Power-clip®

Couplings for industrial high pressure vacuum systems and extration systems. The couplings in galvanized steel with a conductive EDPM rubber seal is mounted with 2 or 3 allen screws.

P-Coupling Power-Clip® is designed for high pressure vacuum systems and extraction systems. The coupling is suitable for many applications. Typical applications can be found in the following areas:

  • Woodworking
  • Agriculture
  • Injection molding industry
  • Chemical industry
Name P Power-Clip 070-152 W1
Band width 0 mm
Design Pipe Coupling
Construction Two-part
Material W1 (Galvanized steel DC01/DIN1623, St.12.03)
Mounting Bolt and nut
Item no P-070-152